A Moment for Truth (about Islam) by Dave Hunt

America awakened September 11 to appalling scenes on TV of passenger planes deliberately crashing into the towers of the World Trade Center and into the Pentagon. Stunned disbelief gave way to the question, who could so carefully plan and efficiently execute such incredibly inhumane destruction and slaughter? What cause could so powerfully motivate educated and trained individuals to sacrifice their own lives and the lives of so many total strangers in this manner? In the minds of civilized people these men were unbelievable fanatics. But were they?

Could one call the spiritual leader of an entire major country a “fanatic,” a man universally recognized as properly representing his religion? Who would know his religion better than the spiritual leader himself? Such was Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini when he declared, “The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah.”1 Is that fanaticism? Read the rest of the article

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Pembaca bebas memakai artikel TheCamelSpeaksOut.wordpress.com sejauh tidak merubah tulisan aslinya dan menyertakan link situsnya. Hargailah karya cipta orang lain. Terima kasih, The Camel Speaks Out / Unta Angkat Bicara

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