Multitudes of Iranian Muslims are Coming to Faith in Jesus

Dr. Brown shares the untold story that may tie in directly with the Iranian protests. He is an apologetic Christian and mastering many ancient languages.

“What’s going on in Iran?” he is asking us if we knew something about it.

Dr. Brown tells what he knew about inside Iran from many sources, such as Iranians (inside and outside the country), missiologists, missionary friends, refugee workers and from others. He says, “all these people telling the same thing the same stories” that is “multitudes of Iranian Muslims are coming to faith in Yeshua.” Dr. Brown believes now there are about three million Christians in Iran alone.

He says that it’s happening now as “it has been spoken by Reza Safa, an Iranian ex-Muslim Shia and now an evangelical pastor, in his book The Coming FALL of ISLAM in IRAN 9 to 10 years ago: ‘thousands of Muslims found Messiah in the mid of persecutions.’

Pembaca bebas memakai artikel sejauh tidak merubah tulisan aslinya dan menyertakan link situsnya. Hargailah karya cipta orang lain. Terima kasih, The Camel Speaks Out / Unta Angkat Bicara


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