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Dr. David Wood comments on Nadia Hassan’s Women’s March for Islam

This is an interesting comment from David Wood on Nadia Hassan’s speech at The Women’s March on January 2019. Nadia, a Muslim woman activist, whom “her activism has gained her media attention on CNN, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, USA Today and many other media outlets” according a web site which adores her

Nadia told her audients that the Qur’an is sources of inspiration for her and even President Thomas Jefferson. Nadia told also the Qur’an gave humanities for the world: e.g. free speechs, equal rights for women

David Wood in his comment, by quoting many Surahs of the Qur’an, saying that what Nadia told is the opposite around. “11 of 12 countries which the highest level of discrimination against women were Muslim majority countries,” David said based on the report, and he added “18 of 20 worst countries in the world” for the same case “were Muslim majority countries” according Word Economic Forum 2014.

Who is telling the truth here, David or Nadia?

The Women’s March for Islam (Why Feminists Love Muhammad! by David Wood

What are other women from Islamic countries say about women gender equality such:

  • Nonie Darwish (Egypt),
  • Wafa Sultan,
  • Isik Abla (Turkey)
  • Fatemeh Devanbeigi (Iran)
  • Shania Gabo (Somali)
  • Annahita Parsan (Iran),
  • Sandra Solomon (Arab Israel/Palestin)
  • Parvin Darabi, (Iran); Rage Against the Veil: The Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Somali)

Please give your opinions or comments about this subject, thanks

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