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Dear NY Times, Iran’s People … are NOT Mourning the Terrorist!

For my arguments are without flaw; one who has perfect knowledge is with you.  (Job 36:4)

Erica Kasraie Iranian-American

Erica Kasraie

The death of Qassem Soleimani becomes a big news in the media. Aimee Herd, a blogger, clearly telling us how the Mainstream media (MSM) can not be trusted. Aimee is comparing NY Times’ report about Soleimani with other reports: Iranian human rights activist, Erica Kasraie, and Dan Andros, managing editor of Faithwire, he recently shared what he sow while on assignment reporting fro, Iraq in 2015.


Dear NY Times, Iran’s People Are Speaking Out On Soleimani’s Death and They Are NOT Mourning the Terrorist!

“Despite the American people’s disagreements with their president, #realDonaldTrump made many Iranians happy. MUCH MORE Iranians than they showed you mourning on news. #TnxPOTUS4Soleimani #IraniansDetestSoleimani”

Aimee Herd-Commentary  Two Cents Worth-Blog

Major Mideast events happened this week, as President Trump ordered a military strike that successfully took out notorious Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani—a man who has authored terrorist activities in many countries as well as his own. He is responsible for the killing of hundreds of Americans, in addition to the brutal killing and torture of scores of his own people.

The American news machine—with the exception of a few—continued the biased ‘fake news’ spin prevalent throughout western media, academia and political pundits, this time sinking to a new low by memorializing the terrorist.

Shockingly, a New York Times reporter had the audacity to compare ‘the mourning in Iran over the death of Qassem Soleimani to America’s reaction to the death of Martin Luther King Jr.’, according to a Free Beacon report.

But the PEOPLE of Iran have a much different story.

In a YouTube video currently making the social media rounds, Erica Kasraie, an Iranian-American woman who is also a human rights activist especially regarding the Middle East, explains it this way…

“I feel like we’re living in the Twilight Zone, guys. I’m completely outraged at this notion that the propaganda machine—that is the media—is glorifying Qassem Soleimani.  Do you people know that this man has not only the blood of Americans on his hands, but the blood of Iranians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghans? I mean, since when did we start mourning the death of a terrorist?!”

“… since when did we start mourning the death of a terrorist?!” Erica Kasraie to NY Times on the Qassem Soleimani’s death

Erica went on to note that she’d been attacked by people on the left for echoing the sentiment of her people.

“My people are happy,” she continued, “The people in Iran are happy that this man, who is responsible for the slaughter of so many people, is gone … Where was your outrage last month, when the [Iranian] regime slaughtered 1,600 kids for peaceful protest? Where’s your outrage for the thousands of political prisoners that are in Iran right now? … Here’s the deal … for the people on the ground; they don’t hate America. They don’t hate Donald Trump. In fact, there are a lot of trending hashtags right now from Iran on Twitter (saying) ‘Thank you Trump, thank you for (killing) Soleimani’, look for yourself…” (emphasised by me)

Indeed. I decided to take Erica up on that advice and did check out the Twitter hashtags coming from Iran for myself—she’s absolutely right.

Here are some examples from the hashtag #IraniansDetestSoleimani:

“To Americans who see this tweet: Iranian people are thankful to Trump for ordering Soleimani to be killed. Please do not defend the killer of the Iranian people and other Middle Eastern countries because of your disagreement with Trump. #IraniansDetestSoleimani”

“#Soleimani ordered his men to shoot directly at #IranProtests. The order was to shoot to kill so they aimed for heads & hearts. Over 1500 civilians including children died in order to protect the regime. Families had to pay huge sums to collect bodies. #IraniansDetestSoleimani”

“World should [k]now that Iranian people have no voice and Soleimani’s funeral is just a propaganda. Iran has 80 million population. 79million didn’t attend the ceremony because they don’t and won’t forget 1500 innocent protesters murdered by the regime. #IraniansDetestSoleimani”

“Despite the American people’s disagreements with their president, #realDonaldTrump made many Iranians happy. MUCH MORE Iranians than they showed you mourning on news. #TnxPOTUS4Soleimani #IraniansDetestSoleimani”

As if the voices of the people of Iran are not enough, Faithwire’s managing editor, Dan Andros recently shared his experience while on assignment reporting from Iraq in 2015. While there he encountered a family who had been tortured by Shia militias (under the direction of Soleimani).

Dan explained:
“I met the family … at an IDP camp outside of Erbil, Iraq. The father explained their desperate situation, homeless because of the latest ISIS reign of terror.
“His body was severely burned, his son lay silent on the cot in the tent. When we asked about these things, he explained how Iranian Shia militias had killed his wife, tortured him and his children, including his young boy. The militias, who would have been under the control of Qassem Soleimani, proceeded to drill holes in the boy’s legs as a means to further threaten the father.
“The boy stared silently at the ceiling, seemingly void of all emotion. Dad explained that he still has nightmares daily, and often soiled himself because of them.”

This is the brand of terror brought to so many at the hands of Qassem Soleimani.

It is an extreme affront to even remotely compare Soleimani to Martin Luther King Jr—they were complete opposites; as darkness is to light.
In fact, MLK said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

But Soleimani was darkness and hate personified.
At the closing of Erica’s video message, she said, “I’m probably going to lose a lot of friends for saying this, but… Thank you Mr. Trump for making a very hard decision, and for having the moral courage to do something that probably a lot of world leaders wouldn’t have had.”

Please be praying for the people of Iran, that their voices and desperate cries for freedom will be heard, and the oppressive and deadly Iranian regime will end for the good of their country.

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Ayatollah Khamenei memecat kepala Angkatan Udaranya atas menyelusupnya Pesawat F-35 Israel ke wilayah udara Iran

Pesawat Israel Adir F-35 melintasi udara Teheran, Iran. Photo milik JNS

F-35 Israel terbang di atas Tehran (Photo: JNS)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pemimpin utama Iran baru-baru ini memecat Brigadir Jenderal Farzad Ismaili, kepala Angkatan Udara Iran oleh karena Farzad merahasiakan kepada tuanya adanya fakta bahwa pesawat-pesawat tempur Israel F-35 telah menyelusup masuk wilayah udara Iran, situs Israel mengutip berita harian Kuwait Al Jarida yang terbit hari Saptu (9 Juni)

Koran Kuwait ini menyatakan penyelusupan terjadi pada bulan Maret kemarin. Badan keamanan Iran di bawah perintah langsung dari Khamenei mengadakan investigasi kejadian tersebut; koran tidak mengabarkan darimana dan kapan Ayatollah telah mendengar peristiwa yang memalukan ini.

Menurut penelitian koran ini, sebuah team Angkatan Udara Israel (IAF) dengan pesawat-pesawat  ”Adir” F-35nya telah melintasi kota-kota Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz dan Bandar Abbas dan memotret sistim pertahanan udara Iran dan bahkan memotret kamp-kamp militer bawah tanah Iran; mereka masuk dan keluar bukan saja dengan selamat, bahkan sama sekali tanpa terditeksi oleh sistim pertahanan udara Iran.

Khamenei, yang telah menerima hasil laporan ini, karenanya memecat kepala jendral Farzad (29 Mei), dan menduga adanya suatu kerjasama antara Russia dan Israel dan adanya “orang-orang Russia yang telah memberikan kode rahasia dari radar Russia di Iran kepada orang Israel,” menurut koran Kuwait tersebut yang dikutip oleh media Israel.

Pemerintah Russia dekat dengan pemerintah Iran, hal ini nampak jelas dalam kerja sama mereka di Syria melawan ISIS dan para militan Sunni dukungan Barat dan Turky, namun banyak media berpikir bahwa Russia tidak ingin Iran memiliki banyak pengaruh di Syria, tempat yang sangat strategis bagi Russia di Timur Tengah.

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Persians speak out! Interviewing Persians At Iran Protest In Los Angeles

This is very interesting video, knowing what do the people of Iran, Persians, really think about and wish to have in Iran.


Multitudes of Iranian Muslims are Coming to Faith in Jesus

Dr. Brown shares the untold story that may tie in directly with the Iranian protests. He is an apologetic Christian and mastering many ancient languages.

“What’s going on in Iran?” he is asking us if we knew something about it.

Dr. Brown tells what he knew about inside Iran from many sources, such as Iranians (inside and outside the country), missiologists, missionary friends, refugee workers and from others. He says, “all these people telling the same thing the same stories” that is “multitudes of Iranian Muslims are coming to faith in Yeshua.” Dr. Brown believes now there are about three million Christians in Iran alone.

He says that it’s happening now as “it has been spoken by Reza Safa, an Iranian ex-Muslim Shia and now an evangelical pastor, in his book The Coming FALL of ISLAM in IRAN 9 to 10 years ago: ‘thousands of Muslims found Messiah in the mid of persecutions.’

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PM Israel Netanyahu menyatakan pesan Selamat Natal regim Iran sebagai puncak kemunafikan

Perhatikan ini baik-baik: Hanya beberapa hari yang lalu, Mentri Luar Negeri Iran men-tweet “Natal yang sangat berbahagia dan damai bagi semua.”

Saya bertanya-tanya apa yang orang-orang Kristen yang dipenjarakan di bulan ini akan berpikir tentang tweet tersebut

Saya bertanya-tanya apa yang remaja Iran akanlah berpikir tentang tweet tersebut, tetapi sedihknya regim melarang Twitter

Terkecuali, tentunya, jika Anda adalah seorang pejabat tingkat tinggi.

Sekarang bayangkan berdoa secara pelan-pelan dalam rumahmu, dikelilingi oleh keluargamu. Dan secara mendadak, orang yang kasar bersenjata menerjang masuk dan menyeret anda keluar masuk penjara. Mereja menyiksa anda hanya karena mempraktekan iman Kristen Anda.

Selamat datang di Iran!

Mengatakan “Selamat Natal” sementara memenjarakan orang-orang Kristen dalam negaramu sendiri adalah puncak kemunafikan

Jika Anda berdiri bagi kebebasan, sebarkan pesan ini

Jika Anda berdiri menentang kemunafikan, sebarkan pesan ini

Dan di atas semuanya, katakan sebuah doa yang hening bagi para saudara dan saudari kita yang sedang menderita di tangan regim Iran yang jahat ini

Kami berdiri bersama kalian, para saudara dan saudari

Dunia berdiri bersama kalian.

Baca juga;

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